Birkenstock Shoemaker History

Birkenstock is one of the most popular brands in the fashion industry today. After its success in the early 90s, the German brand have known a very successful comeback with its famous two traps sandals named “Arizona”. Let’s take a look back to the history of this amazing shoemakers.

birkenstocksIt all started in 1774 in Germany. Johann Adam Birkenstock was the one who had registered himself in a church as a “subject and shoemaker” in sa small village. After more than 100 years, Konrad Birkenstock, who is on of J.A. Birkenstock’s offspring, came out with a revolutionary concept in terms of footwear’s shape. The changing that K. Birkenstock was on the level of soles which had always been flat. He thought that if the shape of the feet is the same as the one of the shoes that would result in greater comfort. After that, Konrad developed a shoe with a contoured insole which is said that is the first of its kind and that to be utilized in the production of custom shoes by shoemakers. Another first of its kind concept designed by Konrad Birkenstock is the flexible arch support. Shoes that were made in the factory had this flexible arch support inserted in them and were widely distributed in Germany.

After that Carl Birkenstock had joined the company in 1925, Birkenstock arch supports were being exported to various parts of Europe including France, Italy, Belgium,Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Holland and Luxembourg. In 1932, Birkenstock received positive recommendations and support from medical specialists. Lectures and training seminars had been spreading to most European countries and which publicized the company’s system of shoe-making. It’s in 1964 that the Birkenstock sandal came out and it’s Carl Birkenstock who had the honor to announce it.

By the beginning of the 80s, Birkenstock is a very known name in all the country. At the celebration of its 30th anniversary in 1996, Birkenstock USA had offered about 300 style and color combinations of its footwear which was distributed to a lot of people across the United States. Birkenstock USA received prestigious awards in 1997 from the industry. After Margot Fraser retired in October 2002, she sold the entire business to the employees and Birkenstock USA had became entirely an employee owned company. In the same year, Birkenstock celebrated the 25th anniversary of its famous Boston pair of clogs. After one year, it’s the turn of the famous Birkenstock Arizona Sandals to celebrate it’s 30th anniversary. These two-trap style sandals are known for their comfort and their unique shape. Today, Arizona sandals are not only worn by hippies, but by every fan of simplicity and comfort.