Invicta Watches Quality and Price

The price range of Invicta watches is certainly the point which attracts a wide range of watches collectors. The quailty, when considering the price, is really impressive. Quality and price relationship is what made this watch brand one of the fastest-growing business in the market today. The company has started its story in 1837 by Raphael Picard, but not in the United States. It’s in Switzerland, the land of expensive, classy watches that this watchmaker was born.

Many people have been seduced by the design and quality of major watches brands. These little pieces of jewelry have been an exclusivity to rich people, but Invicta has made a great deal. Away from the very poorly made Chinese copies of watches, Invicta is like a middle way between these. The quality is not so poor and not so high, but the look is really there. And because of the rise of superficiality and the battlefield of fashion, this is surely the number one characteristics which attracts buyers to this brand.

invicta watches for men

The Swiss Movement

The Swiss Movement feature is what marketers uses as an eye catcher in many online shopping websites such as Amazon. Along with the Flame Fusion crystal which many Invicta watches are equipped with, the Swiss Movement is the feature that knowledgeable watch fans are seduced by. As you may already know the movement is the heart of a watch. As an essential component, the movement is what keeps the time. Therefore, a poor made movement would not keep an accurate time because of its lack of precision. A bad movement would add seconds or fragments of seconds everyday or every week. So you would have to set your time very now and then manually, which is not suitable for a “busy business man”. Even some wooden watches are now today equipped with high quality movement and are sold at prices higher than $200. Hence, the Swiss quartz movement adds more value to an Invicta watch.

Invicta Watches Design

There is so much to say on the design of Invicta timepieces. When surfing the web, you’ll find that the most popular Invicta watches are mainly : the Pro Diver, the Speedway, Subaqua Noma, Reserve…etc. The two first ones I’ve mentioned are copies, or as Invicta themselves call them “homage”. I don’t know about all the Invicta watches if they are all copies or homages, but there is a geat portion of the most popular ones which are copies. Many people like the fact that they could afford a classy design worthy of awards at a price lower than $100. Others, especially watches fans with extensive knowledge, doesn’t like it at all because they respect big brands like Rolex, Breitling and Alpina. It’s important to state though that the quality of Invcita watches is not the same as the ones they copy. That said, the big brands have nothing to fear at this level because they are still possessing the advantage of nice, quality construction.

At the end of the day, a wide range of choice withing this competitive market is most of the time beneficial. The watch buyer in the other hand should pay attention to details and not surrender to flashy marketing labels and more importantly, should not compare two watches only because they look pretty much the same.